Q: do you ship internationally?

A: yes, we ship everywhere! UK/EU shoppers may be charged a VAT/import fee upon receiving your package.

Q: how much does shipping cost?

A: it changes based on current USPS rates, but currently the flat rate is as follows:

  • US: $4.99
  • Canada: $7.99
  • everywhere else: $11.99

Q: how long does it take to ship?

A: please allow 2 weeks for shipping. we can only send packages out once a week, so depending on the day you order it, you might have to wait a while... once it ships, you'll receive tracking info via email.

Q: but when will the items be in my hands?!

A: once your package is in the mail and you have your tracking number, the actual delivery time will depends on your country and postal service:

  • US: ~1-2 weeks
  • Canada: ~2-3 weeks
  • everywhere else: ~1 month



Q: what payment methods do you accept?

A: stripe and paypal! both providers can take debit/credit cards from almost anywhere. if paypal rejects your payment for some reason, try using your card! if it still doesn't work, feel free to contact me and i'll see what i can do.

Q: what happens if my package gets lost in the mail?

A: we will replace it for free, assuming the items are still in stock. if we don't have anything to send you, we can at least give you a refund... sorry if this happens... ;_;

Q: my package got here, but the goods are damaged! what can i do?

A: oh no, that sucks! please contact me and i can help you with your replacement/refund!

Q: my order was incorrect/missing an item...

A: our bad! we'll send you whatever was missing for free, assuming it's still in stock. if we can't fix our mistake, we'll just refund the item and apologize profusely.

Q: actually, i hate what i ordered. can i return it?

A: what...? no, not if you're gonna be rude about it...

Q: what if i don't hate what i ordered but still want to return it?

A: uh... i guess that's ok on a case-by-case basis. maybe i'll refund you, depending on your reason... (don't order things you don't actually want!)



Q: when will you release more stuff for me to buy?

A: new merch will be announced on my website, and on my blog. for email updates, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter on my website!

Q: i want starry flowers merch!

A: me too... (wait that wasn't a question)

Q: the thing i want is sold out! when will you restock?

A: ummmm no idea, but i'll announce it when i do. follow the links above to stay in the loop!

Q: who runs this shop?

A: it's me, nami! i have some help packing and shipping the orders, so that's why i kept saying "we" before...

Q: did you have fun writing this FAQ?

A: yeah i did :) thanks for reading to the end <3